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Who We Are

Mission & History

Mission and Vision

The Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition is a network of individual members and organizational partners dedicated to improving the health of Nebraskans by making breastfeeding the norm through education, advocacy and collaboration. We work together to share information and partner in activities to increase breastfeeding rates across the state.

We meet quarterly with members of the coalition, interested parties and community breastfeeding advocates to share knowledge, resources and work towards our goals.


  • Increase communication and collaboration among persons committed to promoting and supporting breastfeeding
  • Ensure that there are state and local laws and policies protecting breastfeeding
  • Increase knowledge, skills, and positive perceptions related to breastfeeding among Nebraska healthcare providers
  • Identify breastfeeding as a vital public health issue
  • Create and maintain a positive environment supportive and accepting of breastfeeding


  • Integrity- We act honestly and ethically.
  • Credibility- We disseminate evidence-based information and promote best practices.
  • Inclusion- We respect cultural differences and seek diversity in our membership.
  • Collaboration- We embrace partnerships with organizations that support our mission and values.

Nebraska Breastfeeding at a Glance

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