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Community Breastfeeding Initiative


Organizers/Contact Information: Maggie Kaup RN; Jami Brester RN; Melissa Redding RN


Community Partners:

  • St. Francis Memorial Hospital
  • Dinklage Medical Clinic

Current Activities: Revision of current Breastfeeding Classes, Addition of Breastfeeding Support Group, Staff Education involving Certification

Important Dates:  

  • 2-1-17: Initiate revised Breastfeeding Classes
  • 3-1-17: Initiate Breastfeeding Support Group
  • 3-1-17: Staff Education initiated- Staff attend
  • "Basic Breastfeeding Course” on 2-23-17 given through Methodist Perinatal Outreach.                                  

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Nebraska Breastfeeding at a Glance

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