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Community Breastfeeding Initiative


Organizer: Thayer County Health Services - Leann Heinrichs, MD CLS; Haley Wiedel, LPN CLC; Natalie Marsh, RN CLC; Miranda Tipton, RN CLC; Abby Gausman, RN

Name: Latch and Learn Breastfeeding Support Group

Contact Information: Thayer County Health Services, 120 Park Ave, Hebron, NE 68370


Community Partners:

  • MOPS
  • Kathy Retzlaff, RD
  • Amber Heinrichs, Childcare Provider

Activities: We are currently increasing awareness about breastfeeding around the hospital and community.  We have started a support group "Latch and Learn" and we will be meeting once monthly depending on the need for the community.  We are increasing the discussion of breastfeeding benefits in our prenatal classes offered at Thayer County Health Services.  Another goal that we are striving towards at this time is becoming recognized as a designated breastfeeding facility since we now have a designated breastfeeding room.  Also, we are implementing staff breastfeeding education training to help our staff become more comfortable with assisting mothers who choose to breastfeed.

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