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Community Breastfeeding Initiative


Organizer: Jodi Henry, Little Moccasins Director; Kris Heimes, Nutritionist; Jody Turner, MCH Nurse

Contact Information: 402-857-2569

Community Partners:

  • Alyssa Rouillard, daycare provider
  • Roni Jo Starlin, dental assistant
  • Sandi Liska, dental assistant
  • Anabele Rouillard, breastfeeding mom
  • Corinna Hart, breastfeeding mom

Activities: Breastfeeding Support Group meeting every Thursday from 12-1pm at Little Moccasins

Want to Join?

You can join by attending one of the BF Support group meetings or contacting Jodi Henry at Little Moccasins, 402-857-2569.


Social Media: Facebook Page Instagram Account

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