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Community Breastfeeding Initiative


Organizer: Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department

Contact Information: Nikki Mullanix, LPN CLC

2104 21st Circle 302 W. Phillip
Wisner, NE  68791  Norfolk, NE  68701
Phone (402) 529-2233

Community Partners: Faith Regional Health Services


Resources: Breastfeeding Resource Directory


  1. A viewing of the documentary film “Milky Way” was held at the Norfolk Arts Center
  2. An educational workshop instructed by Elite Lactation Professionals was held for business leaders/human resource professionals regarding breastfeeding in the workplace and relevant regulations in which 7 businesses were represented.
  3. An educational workshop instructed by Elite Lactation professionals was held to education nurses and nursing students in which 19 nurses/nursing students attended.
  4. A physician panel presented by Kathy Leeper, MD FABM IBCLC and Libby Crocket MD was held for area physicians/providers on breastfeeding best practices and was attended by 5 area providers.
  5. A breastfeeding resource directory was created for the Norfolk area and distributed to area physician’s offices (obstetrics/pediatricians) and posted to ELVPHD’s website.
  6. Elite Lactation Professionals hosted a follow-up presentation at the Norfolk Area SHRM Meeting in July 2015 regarding breastfeeding support in the workplace in order to reach Norfolk Businesses and HR professionals.
  7. ELVPHD continues to conduct NAP SACC trainings and to this date has trained 46 child care providers/employees on topics including: proper storage/handling of breastmilk, how to be supportive of the breastfeeding mother and baby dyad, steps to becoming a breastfeeding friendly childcare center (providing mother place to nurse/pump), pacing feedings/watching baby’s hunger or fullness cues, and implementing an infant feeding policy.
  8. ELVPHD has called 25 of the largest employers in Norfolk and surveyed their human resource department on their lactation or breastfeeding policy, asked if they would like assistance revising or  implementing a policy, and also encouraged businesses that are exceedingly supportive of breastfeeding employees to apply for the Breastfeeding Friendly Business Award.

Important Dates: Norfolk Community Breastfeeding Initiative meeting- Please contact Nikki Mullanix for current dates and times

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