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Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Quarterly Coalition Meeting Minutes – November 2014

Quarterly Coalition Meeting
Douglas County Health Department
November 12, 2014

  1. Member Introductions – Diane Roberts, LWOK; Lora Marshbanks, Omaha WIC; Holly Dingman, NE DHHS; Amanda Jones; Diane Erdmann, BF Support & Supplies; Latrice Martin, Mid-City OBGYN; Corrine Jarecke, LLC HD; Tina Goodwin, NE DHHS; Meredith Willits, MilkWorks; Stacey Roach, Milk Works; Ann Seacrest, MilkWorks; Danica Schaap, Aetna Better Health; Gala Chambers, Team Inc.; Evelyn Muñoz, WIC; Adriana Constantino, WIC; Lara Anderson, ELITE; Amy Potratz, ELITE; Ashlie Bergren, ELITE; Carol Timm, Sarpy/Cass DOH; Katie Graves, Sarpy/Cass DOH; Melanie Lurry, Union Institute; Lisa Cooper-Ohm, LLL of NE; Kelly O’Flaherty, NE BF Support; Nikki Mullanix, Elkhorn Logan Valley HD; Deanne Birkestrand, Good Samaritan; Carol Greenley, Good Samaritan; Emily Tvrdy, Lexington HD, Leah Shrader, St. Elizabeth; Kelli Hansen, NE BFC
  2. Leadership Team Update
    1. 2013 Annual Review – Stacey Roach – Wrapped up the CDC Grant for 2013/2014 which was for $33,100.
      1. We held 4 Quarterly Meetings
      2. Improved website hits, Facebook and Twitter followers
      3. Up to 191 individual members and 10 organizational members
      4. Leadership Team grew to 13 members
      5. We held a professional development training for IBCLCs
      6. Put on a Home Visitation Training for over 40 attendees
      7. Worked on the Community Breastfeeding Initiative in Norfolk, NE
    2. 2013 Financial Update – Stacey Roach
      1. $15,000 balance at the end of September.
      2. The new grant is in the system and getting ready to be signed.  Our next grant will be $28,950.
        1. Kelli will continue as the Communications Coordinator
        2. Introduce some new trainings (Milk Mob, Webinars, etc)
        3. We will also work on funding a Project Coordinator
        4. Offer up the opportunities for mini grants for the Community Breastfeeding Initiative
    3. Strategic Plan Updates – Holly Dingman
      1. See attached list.
  3. Membership Update
    1. Welcome New Members!
      1. New Members since August Meeting:
        Melanie Lurry from Omaha
        Virginia Magnuson from Omaha

        New Organizational Partners since August Meeting:

        Family Service WIC from Lincoln
        Beatrice Community Hospital from Beatrice
        Baby Junk from Omaha

        New Breastfeeding Friendly Business Awards since August Meeting:

        Cabela’s in Grand Island
        CHI Health – St. Francis in Grand Island
        Northern Hills Child Care Center

    2. Membership Update – Kelli Hansen

      1. Currently we have 205 members in our 2013 Membership List.  Of those members, we know the location of 77% of them.

      2. 93% of our members reside in Nebraska, and of those members 34% live in Omaha, 25% in Lincoln, 6% in Papillion, 3% in Grand Island, 2% in Crete, Kearney, La Vista, and Norfolk.

      3. We are considering adding an option of “share your info with a membership directory” in the upcoming Membership Drive this summer.

    3. Membership Survey – Kelli Hansen

      1. After the last meeting we sent out a membership survey to hear what YOU are looking for from the Coalition. I just wanted to share a few results:

        1. We had over 80 people reply, the majority from Omaha and Lincoln.

        2. 58% have been a member for less than a year, while 20% have been members for 4 or more years.

        3. 85% of the members had not utilized the telehealth feature and most were willing to attend future meetings in Omaha and Lincoln.

        4. Our members feel they have benefitted by being a part of the coalition from breastfeeding news and knowledge (77%), networking (69%), and resources (67%).

        5. Member expectations of the coalition are information and news (78%), advocacy (72%), networking (61%), and breastfeeding updates (60%).

        6. While the members agreed all activities listed were valuable, the items they deemed most valuable were Education on current federal and state breastfeeding laws (such as FMLA provision of supporting nursing mothers), Promoting and establishing breastfeeding friendly worksites, Hospital/Maternity Care practices, Advocating for proposed legislation(such as the Family Act [paid maternity leave]), and Breastfeeding education for child care providers.

  4. Community Updates

    1. LLL Update from Brooke Runyan

      1. Our Kearney leader Vicki Swanson was successfully re-certified as an IBCLC.  She was one of the first La Leche League Leaders to sit for the exam in 1994. She’s a great resource in central Nebraska!

      2. We have made some tweaks to our Nebraska website and are creating new marketing materials. We hope to bring some to share at the next coalition meeting. Please contact Natalie Hershburger <402-309-3890 or> if you have an office or other method of distributing our materials to those interested.

    2. WIC Peer Counselor Update – Omaha peer counselors

      1. 8 peer counselors, 1000 moms are being served

      2. Over the last year she’s seeing more younger moms who are wanting to breastfeeding.  She’s seen a lot of successful stories where after 3-6 months, the moms are exclusively breastfeeding.

      3. She has seen a lot of African American moms asking a lot of questions and showing interest in breastfeeding.

    3. Community Breastfeeding Initiative Update from Nikki Mullanix

      1. The NE breastfeeding coalition project was multi-faceted and included providing breastfeeding education and resources to the community, business partners and health care providers in Madison  County. This program began in June 2014 and will end 9/30/14. Project outcomes included:

        1. Create a Norfolk breastfeeding council – the initial meeting of the newly formed Norfolk breastfeeding council was 7/23/14. There are 12 members representing various health-related entities on the leadership team for the council and an additional 13 “at large” members.

        2. *A community breastfeeding event was held in August 2014 in which the documentary “Milky Way” was shown. 7 individuals attended this event. Additionally, a breastfeeding resources document was created for the Norfolk area and distributed to area physician’s offices (obstetrics / pediatrics) and posted to Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department’s website.

        3. *An educational workshop was held for business leaders/human resources professionals regarding breastfeeding in the workplace and relevant regulations. 7 businesses were represented at this event which was instructed by the Elite Lactation Professionals group. 100% of the attendees (7 of 7) indicated that the information presented during the workshop would be helpful at their respective businesses. The local Society for Human Resource Management chapter chairperson indicated that the local SHRM group would be interested in working with ELVPHD in the future to bring the Elite group to a monthly SHRM meeting in Norfolk. The coordinator followed up with the SHRM chairperson and this is scheduled for 2015. Lastly, 3 of the 7 (43%) business representatives indicated that they would like to receive the breastfeeding in the work place posters offered as follow-up to the workshop, thus indicating that they intend to expand upon the education provided by utilizing the posters in their workplace to educate their staff.

        4. *An educational workshop was held to educate nurses and nursing students by Elite Lactation Professionals in September 2014. 19 nurses and nursing students attended. 100% of attendees (19 of 19) indicated that the information provided in the workshop would be helpful to them in their professional environment. Additionally, 42% of the attendees (8 of 11) indicated that they were interested in being a part of the Norfolk Breastfeeding Council.

        5. *An educational workshop and physician panel was held for area physicians/providers on breastfeeding best practices. 5 health care providers attended the event. 5 of 5 indicated that the information would be helpful to them in their practice / professional environment – 100%. Additionally, 3 of the 5 indicated that they were interested in being a part of the Norfolk Breastfeeding Council (60%).

      2. Breastfeeding Coalition work that will be implemented or continued includes:

        1. We have schedule the ELITE Lactation Professionals to do a follow-up presentation at the Norfolk Area SHRM Meeting for July 9th 2015 in order to reach more business leaders and human resource professionals regarding breastfeeding in the workplace and regulations.

        2. ELVPHD is providing NAP SACC (Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care Providers) trainings in our four county service area. One module of this training specifically covers the importance of being a breastfeeding friendly child care center. Some topics we educate providers on include: how to be supportive to the mother and baby dyad, providing mothers with a place to nurse on site, a place to store milk at the facility, pacing feedings, watching for hunger and fullness cues, communicating to parents about breastmilk storage and handing requirements for child care vs. home, and implementing an infant feeding policy.

        3. We also plan to continue our Norfolk Breastfeeding Coalition meetings on a quarterly basis and will hopefully continue to add more members from the community. We have not yet set a date for our next meeting.

  5. Resource Update

    1. Really? Really. Update – Diane Roberts

      1. 40 states, 8 countries, 400+ individuals.

      2. Have had some great feedback!

      3. Organizations can now get resources printed and mailed to them through the CHI Print Shop.

    2. Other Resource Update – Carol Timm

      1. See attached list.

  6. Biennial Conference and Tom Tonniges Award – Diane Roberts

    1. Nearly 120 in attendance.  Offered eCERPS.

    2. Sherry Payne and Liz Brooks were keynote speakers

    3. Presented Trailblazer Award to Dr. Tom Tonniges, he was a great breastfeeding champion in Nebraska and American Academy of Pediatrics.

    4. Dr. Tonniges’ voice has now been silenced with the diagnosis of ALS a few years ago.

    5. If you know of other great advocates deserving of the Tom Tonniges Award, please let us know!

  7. Lincoln PICH Grant – Tami Frank

    1. In September, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln was awarded a $2 million 3-year CDC Partnership to Improve Community Health (PICH) grant. The grant focuses on improving nutrition and fitness for residents in Lancaster County. The grant provides funding to 13 additional community partner organizations to reach over 75% of the county’s population.

    2. The earliest efforts will involve a breastfeeding component. The grant will support continued efforts of the Lincoln Community Breastfeeding Initiative (LCBI) and a marketing campaign to support breastfeeding moms.

      1. The work plan for the LCBI portion of the grant will include continued work with prenatal providers, assessing hospital policies and practices, reaching out to pediatricians and family medicine physicians to target the first few days home from the hospital through 8 weeks of life to again provide consistent breastfeeding messaging and support for moms as many begin to develop concerns about insufficient milk supply and returning to work.

      2. The initiative will also look at developing a survey method at 3 and 6 months after baby is born to provide accurate and timely data about breastfeeding duration rates in Lancaster County.

      3. The marketing campaign will focus on providing breastfeeding information, but also will focus on other populations about providing support to moms choosing to breastfeed (i.e. dads, grandmas, workplace, daycares, general public, etc.)

  8. Diversity Inclusion Work Group – Tina Goodwin

    1. The theme of diversity has been coming up in a lot of places. It has been the theme at the past two USBC Conference. Sherry Payne is an African American powerhouse who founded Uzazi Village in Kansas City (urban hub) and works on developing minority leaders. She talks a lot about race and racism in the hospitals.

    2. Her hope is to get more minority women educated (IBCLC, CLC, WIC Peer Counselor) and go into their communities to help improve breastfeeding rates.

    3. Tina’s Thoughts:

      1. The IBCLC is very academic (requires college courses, etc), so maybe we focus on keeping our minds open to all the other education opens.

      2. Sherry Payne will provide the IBCLC training for 20 Missouri, 5 Kansas, and 5 Nebraska minority women.

      3. Sherry will bring a 5 day training to Omaha in February.

      4. What if the coalition provided scholarships for 3 women of color to sit for the IBCLC exam?

      5. Ann Seacrest would like to see if we could bring the woman from Washington and do a talk around Native Americans and breastfeeding.

      6. We want to educate more providers on specific issues for the given minority group.

      7. Tina Goodwin and Holly Dingman will head up this work group, so if you are interested, please let us know!

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