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Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Quarterly Coalition Meeting Minutes – February 2015

Quarterly Coalition Meeting
Lincoln Lancaster  County Health Department
February 3, 2015

  1. Member Introductions: Jackie Moline, DHHS; Michaela Meismer, DHHS; Tina Goodwin, DHHS; Becky Hansen, Public Health; Jane Bitney; Melissa Topil, ELITE; Diane Erdmann, BSS; Peggy Brown, TNMC; Rachel Gordon, UNMC; Vanessa Wielenga, Family Service WIC; Erica Arter, Family Services WIC; Christina Murphy, WIC; Holly Dingman, DHHS; Stacey Roach, MilkWorks; Tami Frank, PHL; Melissa Derman, LLCHD; Emily Hulse, Teach a Kid to Fish; Brooke Runyan, LLL; Sarah Furr, LLL; Rachel Sazama, CDHD WIC; Ashlie Bergren, ELITE; Corrine Jarecke, LLCHD; Cortney MacTaggart, NE BFC; Brooke Chaney, SEDHD; Lara Anderson, ELITE; Amy Potratz, ELITE; Diane Roberts, LWOK; Katie Graves, Sarpy/Cass HD; Kelly O’Flaherty, Mom-eez Breastfeeding Support; Danica Schaap, Aetna Better Health Medicaid; Jill Dolberg, Lincoln OBGYN; Sheila Reifenrath, Clarkson College, Kelli Hansen, NE BFC, Amanda Jones; Deanne Birkestrand; Melinda Tockey, Judy Schultz, Lora Marshbanks
  2. Leadership Team Update
    1. Project Coordinator Intro – Welcome Cortney!
    2. Leadership Team Members – Welcome to our 2015 Leadership Team:
      • Lara Anderson
      • Ash Bergren
      • Rita Brhel
      • Peggy Brown
      • Sara Brown
      • Holly Dingman
      • Corrine Jarcke
      • Kelly O’Flaherty
      • Stacey Roach
      • Diane Roberts
      • Rachel Sazama
      • Melinda Tockey
    3. Financial Update – Stacey Roach – Grant started in November 2014, by the time contracts were signed.  We haven’t expended much yet.  Awarded almost $28,000 – $2,000 for MilkWork’s administrative fee, $10,000 for project coordinator, $1100 for communications coordinator, $5500 for community breastfeeding initiative projects, and $3200 for webinars, $3000 for home visitor training, $2000 for milk mob trainings.

  3. Task Force Update

    1. Community Breastfeeding Initiative – Cortney MacTaggart– Program based on Lincoln’s breastfeeding initiative. Brought a lot of people to the table to focus on different communities and move policies and trainings forward. We are hoping to implement it into two different communities. We will provide training and funding. We want to create a needs assessment and application process. We do have interested communities right now.

    2. Training Task Force – Ashlie Bergren – In charge professional trainings throughout the state. Wanting to do another home visitor training in Scottsbluff, do a Milk Mob training in the fall, will also do some webinars focusing on reimbursements, pathways to become IBCLCs, etc. The State Health Improvement Plan asks us to assist in growing the professional development in the state.  Ashlie Bergren and Lara Anderson, with Elite Lactation, have been given the opportunity to become trainers for Linda Smith and be able to host their own IBCLC prep classes.

    3. Hospital/Maternity Care – Peggy Brown – mPINC scores were less than stellar, so this group will be focused on making improvements. Do some current measurement, identify 1 intervention to move the processes forward and do an assessment to make sure we made some projects. The Nebraska perinatal quality collaborative helps make sure we have best practices in the state of Nebraska. mPINC: Maternity Practices Infant Nutrition and Care survey is done every 2 years across the nation for birthing hospital. We had 53 centers participate, which is 83% participation rate. This is our 2013 data. In 2009 our score was 60, 2011 was 64, then 2013 was 68, so we are improving.  However, our ranking is going down nationwide. We were 42 and now we’re 48/50…so it’s going in the wrong direction. We definitely have work to do.

    4. Diversity Inclusion – Tina Goodwin – Just met on January 13th. They have established 3 goals:

      1. Increase breastfeeding rates in underserved populations including (AA, NA, Hispanic, Rural, Low income etc.

      2. Promote education of actual or potential breastfeeding providers that belong to minority groups or that have direct contact with diverse populations.

      3. Put forth recommendations to the NE Breastfeeding Coalition on potential projects and funding needs

      4. Would be great to have a Native American contact to work with those group. We are also looking for African Americans interested in applying for the scholarship for the IBCLC training. Would also like to do a Breastfeeding Summit and training, so get some diversity in presenters and trainers as people are interested.

    5. Moms are Talking – Kelli Hansen  – New focus on determining what role the Coalition should play in reaching out and speaking to everyday moms. We have discussed a possible conference/summit, reaching out to various mom groups, having moms share their stories at quarterly meetings, etc. Our group is meeting on Tuesday, February 19th if anyone is interested in joining.

    6. Membership – Kelli Hansen – Working on our biennial membership drive to increase funds through membership dues and renewals.

  4. Membership Update

    1. Welcome New Members!​​​​​​​

      1. New Members since November Meeting:
        Cortney MacTaggart
        Rita Brhel
        Tasia Stumpf
        Andrea Hubka
        Liesal Hoffman
        Heidi Curzon
        Katharine Lamarche-Baker
        Shannon Cunningham

      2. New Organizational Partners since November Meeting
        Southeast District Health Department

  5. Community Updates

    1. ​​​​​​​LLL Update from Brooke Runyan – Twice a year they gather statistics, so for July-Dec 2014, LLL of NE had 96 meetings, supported 465 mothers, and had 545 helping contacts. They are looking forward to the leaders retreat coming up where they get updated on LLL info, more breastfeeding training, and specifically on helping working moms and communications. They have business cards, bookmarks (with a pamphlet – The Breastfeeding Guide Tips and Products) available for free from the LLL website ( – you just pay shipping. It’s a great resource for moms.
      Thursday evening group now meets at MilkWorks.
      Sara Furr has started a new meeting over the lunch hour downtown. They continue to look into other opportunities.

    2. PICH Update from Tami Frank – Lincoln Community Breastfeeding Initiative received a CDC Grant in the fall. It encompasses 13 community partners, including healthy eating and physical activity. They will contract with MilkWorks to identify 3 non-English speaking or minority women and get them trained as CLCs and they would host weekly meetings in the community (African American, Asian and Hispanic centers around Lincoln). It would also involve breastfeeding education to teen moms.
      Also received a grant from HHS to help expand the minority training – so there are 2 additional spots available. MilkWorks is working on a pilot program, Weigh & Stay, and have newly trained moms go out and have weekly meetings in their native language and provide weight checks and peer support.
      NE BFC wrote a letter of support for the grant and all the resources that becomes available will be shared with the Coalition.
      If you know of any women interested, send to
      Also, a warm handoff to WIC moms. Any WIC moms that deliver will be put in contact with an IBCLC from MilkWorks. This grant would fund the outpatient visits, since Medicaid does not.

  6. Member Sharing

    1. ​​​​​​​Are there still peer counselors with WIC?  The health department doesn’t have peer counselors but family service WIC does.  Of the 11 agencies, 13 do.  Funding that’s gone out to peer counselor program funds are being subsidized through the state.  Douglas County has put a pause on the program to make them temp to regular status employees, so hoping to restart the program in March or early April.

    2. Diane Roberts – LWOK – We have a CLC training March 23-27. In 2010 they sent 23 people to CLC training and had many go on to IBCLC, in 2012 and 2013, LWOK sponsored 2 CLC trainings and had 75 people at each training. In 2014 we had maternity staff training. This year they’ve had an overwhelming response.  Over 120 applications for 75 spots. Hopeful we may be able to have another training down the road. Tentatively scheduled for October either in Lincoln or Western part of the state.
      Best Group Journal Club – Tuesday, Feb. 17th at Sorrell Center on UNMC Campus, 6:30-8:30pm. The topic is promoting breastfeeding in teenagers. Also has telehealth capabilities. Go to college of nursing on UNMC’s website for registration.
      Really? Really. campaign is going like gangbusters! Over 400 people have downloaded posters in 42 states and 8 countries. There are new window clings and tri-fold brochures available as well.
      There’s a capstone student doing research around the Really? Really. campaign. She will be going into Lakeside Hospital and Creighton to introduce the campaign, do a survey to see if they will implement the material, and then follow up with research on whether it made an impact.  Rachel will hopefully have this completed by May. Do the presentations in February, follow up in March, and capstone presentation in the end of April. We hope to have her share the presentation at the May Meeting.

    3. Vanessa Wielenga – Family Service WIC – going to hire another CLC in their office, another peer. They have 2 right now with a caseload of 15-20 moms. So 30 WIC moms are in contact on a regular basis with a CLC. Very excited to take the program a step further and get a little more detailed. Hoping the new hire will be able to work more in the office and do more breastfeeding classes on site.

    4. Brooke Cheney – Southeast District Health Department – Healthy Families America Growing Great Kids Program – received a DHHS Prevention Grant to help build some breastfeeding capacity in the area. They have 6 hospitals in the area and only 2 have maternity.  Kelly O’Flaherty and two others are the only CLCs in the 5 counties. There are a couple more people going through CLC training at the health department to help provide support. They also hope to have a home visitor training and develop a local coalition, to have more things locally for support for moms.

    5. Holly Dingman – DHHS – Heads up that there is a Summit coming up called the Standing Bear and the Trail Ahead Summit, May 14-15th, in Lincoln. Ann Seacrest made the connection with the director of the Indian Affairs Commission and one of their talents coming is Buffy St. Marie, who was “the nursing mom” on Sesame Street who did a segment with Big Bird. They are willing to bring Cammy, an amazing speaker from the USBC Conference last August, for a breakout session at the Summit. If this happens, we will hopefully make a big push for the local tribes to attend. There are 4 recognized tribes in NE, Ponca, Omaha, Winnebago and Santi-Sioux.


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