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Quarterly Meeting Minutes

November 2015 Meeting Minutes

Quarterly Coalition Meeting
Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

  1. Member Introductions: Corrine Jarecke, LLCHD; Jamie Klinginsmith, CNCS-WIC; Laura Geco, Offut NPSP; Christina Murphy, WIC Family Service; Tami Frank, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln; Nicole Osborne, NE Safety Council/WorkWell; Lindsey Anderson, Teach a Kid to Fish; Michelle Oelke; Bryan Health/CHI-St. Elizabeth; Dionna Schmidt, BVCA-WIC; Alise Verhage, BVCA-WIC; Lesley Hammerschmidt, LLCHD; Christy Burger, TKF; Kyle Poss, Aetna Better Health; Elizabeth Johnson, Bryan Health; Brooke Chaney, SE District Health Department; Emily Hulse, TKF/NE DHHS; Caitlin McCann, Family Service WIC; Erica Arter, Family Service WIC; Kaiya Mears, WNA; Kay Anderson, Lincoln Pediatric Group; Danica Schaap, Aetna Better Health; Jane Bitney, LLCHD; Amy Potratz; Rebecca Reinhardt, Asian Community & Cultural Center/MilkWorks; Dania Delone, MilkWorks; Michelle Dedigjo, MilkWorks; Jill Dolberg, Lincoln OBGYN; Ann Seacrest, MilkWorks; Tina Goodwin, NE DHHS; Holly Dingman, NE DHHS; Kay Wenzl, NE DHHS; Brooke Runyan, LLL of NE; Abi Henke, LLL of NE; Cortney MacTaggart, NE BFC; Kelli Hansen, NE BFC
  2. Leadership Team Update
    1. Financial – Stacey Roach​​​​​​​
      1. August started our new grant cycle for $30,000 through DHHS.

      2. Submitted our first reimbursement request in October. ($6300 right now for admin salaries, admin fee for MilkWorks, and $3000 for CBI)

    2. Project Coordinator – Cortney MacTaggart

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    3. Communications Coordinator – Kelli Hansen

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  3. Task Force Update

    1. ​​​​​​​Community Breastfeeding Initiative – Cortney MacTaggart​​​​​​​

      1. We have a variety of different grants up to $1,000 for each community.  LT members, Cortney and Kelli reviewed and scored applications and granted funds accordingly.

      2. Lexington, SE Distrcit Health Department and Kearney are this cycle’s communities.  Cortney will work more heavily with them now that maternity leave is over.

      3. Be on the lookout for more applications available in January. Stay tuned!

    2. Training Task Force – C0rrine Jarecke

      1. Home visitor training for 60 people

      2. Jane Bitney and Corrine presented at a home visitor conference in York last week.

      3. Working on new webinars this year.

        1. 4 webinars based on suggestions from past comments on IBCLCs in the state and WellCom.

    3. Hospital/Maternity Care – Peggy Brown

      1. and you can see where progress is being made and where it continues to need improvement.

      2. They’re working on a new survey and will send to the birthing hospitals in the state.  May be quality department, may be director for OB, varies by hospital.

    4. Diversity Inclusion – Tina Goodwin

      1. Met this past Thursday

      2. Recommend scheduling a yearly meeting at an alternate side like a tribal location (May or August) to show support of the tribes and diversity.

      3. Going to look at how to fill the gap on barriers to the women in diverse populations.

      4. Update from Ann Seacreast and “Breastfeeding Support in Every Neighborhood”.

        1. Identified that women who are new to America often times have many barriers to breastfeeding and their rates are not great.

        2. Identified 7 women in the community who were passionate about BF and have been given 15 hours of breastfeeding education from a cultural perspective.

        3. Three of them are here today and shared how they’re working in the communities.

        4. There will be a segment on Channel 10 in Lincoln that interviewed all 7 moms.

        5. Hoping to do another course in 2016 and would love to recruit new moms (particularly Native American or Middle Eastern) to add to the program.

        6. The group also continues to seek additional funding to keep the program going.  If you know of any grants available, please let them know.

      5. Membership – Kelli Hansen

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        2. Brainstorm of new Organizational Partners for outreach:

          • Bryan Health

          • Lincoln Family Medicine Center – Erin Pavelka

          • La Leche League of Nebraska

          • St. Elizabeth

          • UNMC

          • Methodist Health System

          • Olson Center for Women’s Health

          • Mid City OBGYN

          • WIC Agencies – CDCS

          • All physician groups

          • Cortney work on a template that they could use to send to their employers (email or letter)

          • Daycare centers within high schools

          • Local public health departments – challenge to add 2 new ones

            1. Send through PHAN?

  4. Dr. Tonniges Update

    1. Dr. Tonniges passed away on October 6th

    2. He was  breastfeeding champion for several years, helped implement the BEST Grant (2009-2012), did a lot for breastfeeding in the state.

    3. Last year we honored him at the Breastfeeding Conference we honored him by naming our Trailblazer Award in his name.

    4. If you know of another trailblazers in our state send to Kelli Hansen.

  5. State Health Improvement Plan

    1. ​​​​​​​There is a new website dashboard where you can view the priorities and see the ones regarding breastfeeding.

    2. There’s a lot of great information and will continue to add more.


  6. Community Updates

    1. ​​​​​​​Elkhorn Logan Valley Update from Nikki Mullanix:

      1. On August 31st the Norfolk Community Breastfeeding Initiative hosted Jackie Moline, BSN, RN, CLC with DHHS Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health. Jackie is a maternal, infant and community health nurse and gave a presentation at our local hospital, Faith Regional Health Services on Breastfeeding Myths and Breastfeeding and Food Sensitivities in Babies. We had 18 community members (moms) and health professionals in attendance. Health professionals in attendance included an area Nurse Practitioner, 2 RNs with the local WIC office, an IBCLC who hosts a weekly breastfeeding support group at the hospital as well as several of OB nurses from Faith Regional. The training was very well received and the information presented was great. MSPI and food sensitivities is a big concern in our area and it was great for more health professionals to learn more information about this topic as well as how to discuss this concern with the mothers they work with.

      2. The Norfolk Community Breastfeeding Initiative will have its next quarterly meeting the first week in December. The date and time are still tbd.

    2. LLL Update from Brooke Runyan

      1. Settled a date for the LLL Conference – Sept. 17, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Express in Omaha

      2. Had an insurgence of new leaders in Papillion, Alliance, Sioux City.

      3. There’s new flier for Nebraska at

    3. PICH Update from Tami Frank

      1. Very excited about the Breastfeeding Support in Every Neighborhood program and continue to look for funding through that.

      2. Warm hand off between hospitals and outpatient settings, specifically for WIC eligible moms. 180 moms were reached from the program and partnered with MilkWorks to continue to reach out. 12 have yet to deliver, so they’ll continue to offer the service even after the grant cycle ended.

      3. Lincoln Community Breastfeeding Initiative is going to be going back out to doctor’s offices to ask them to recommend and encourage moms to breastfeed, and have been working with WorkWell to reach employers regarding breastfeeding support. They meet this week.

    4. Kearney Update from Victoria Narcisse

      1. Victoria was hired as an assistant for Deanne so they have coverage every day. Providing a greater consistency of care.

      2. Been using Really? Really. materials in conjunction with the Kearney CBI

      3. Deanne is present with all their c-section births and helping with skin-to-skin in the OR.

      4. They’re working on the second grant now to focus on education for daycare providers and are distributing materials to daycare centers for now.

      5. Looking at purchasing a portable booth to have at craft shows, gun shows and county fairs.  Also getting a table and banners to get their info out.

      6. Instagram and Facebook set up for their initiative.

  7. Member Sharing

    1. ​​​​​​​Really? Really. campaign has been downloaded in 49 states (only missing Vermont). Over 500 unique downloads, 10 countries and 4 tribal communities.

    2. Next Tuesday is Journal club on Breast and Nipple Pain. Piloting a new teleconference system and will try to live stream! CERPs and CEU’s are available, so be sure to register! Reach out to Diane if you would like more info.

    3. Kay Anderson, pediatrician with Lincoln Pediatric Group and has been an IBCLC the past 10 years. There is a huge knowledge gap in her new physicians. She would like to create a mobile app. The app would be for moms and providers. She’s presented a proposal for it in Washington D.C. at AAP. Based on ABM protocols. Seeking funding, $50,000, to get this developed.

      1. In the meantime, she would love to go out and educate providers.

    4. Nebraska Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative has a website. has great information! There’s presentations from the fall summit. Also shows the news stories.

      1. If you know of someone who is a stakeholder, please complete the “contact us” section and ask to be added to the distribution list.

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