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Quarterly Meeting Minutes

February 2019


May 5, 2020 Quarterly Meeting (Virtual) :


1.      Introductions

          a.     Monica Mueller (mental health therapist in Kearney—may be an idea for a third USLCA speaker)

2.     Project Coordinator intro and updates:  Welcome Cortney

3.     Conference updates

         a.     LEARN has been moved to September in Kearny, participants have been notified

         b.     USLCA still on but will be evaluated 30 days out due to COVID and registration

4.     Membership update

         a.     Promo materials available

5.     Social media update

        a.     Call for third speaker

        b.     Social media content

6.     Katie Graves spoke about Sarpy/Cass County Health Department

        a.     Lending library available with a long list of resources. Can call or text and curbside pick-up available.

        b.     Hoping to host a community advocates training this fall

        c.      Cass County breastfeeding coalition in the works and so far, has good reception

7.     Community updates:

        a.     Milkworks:

                i.     Having success with telehealth and some by appointment only in person visits.  Doing Covid screening ahead and limiting people in the store to      less than 10 including workers.

                ii.     Shipping (free) and curbside pick-up of breastpumps going well

                iii.     Virtual moms groups

                iv.     Scale rentals available although resources are stretched and limit one 3jjjjjjjj+week at a time with doctors note

          b.      NPQIC:

                 i.     Resources updated on website and subscribe to newsletter for info on multiple pre and postnatal quality improvement topics

                 ii.     Breastfeeding initiation and exclusivity rates are up in Nebraska per their last survey

          c.      Omaha Support and Supplies with Diane Erdmann:

                 i.     No in person visits.  Over the phone seems to be working

                 ii.     Breastpumps available for front porch pick-up

                 iii.     Scale rentals available

           d.     Lincoln CBI- focus groups March 1

                 i.     Billboard campaigns are live, advertiser allowing extra free time with ads due to COVD-19

            e.     Lincoln Lancaster County:

                 i.     Malone center has moved moms groups and classes online

                 ii.     El Centro has also moved classes and groups online.  Also have one on one virtual communication   

            f.       Lincoln WIC:

                 i.     Over the phone and zoom appointments

                 ii.     Increase in enrollment noted and decrease in “no shows”

                 iii.     Staff is working from home

            g.     Omaha WIC: 

                 i.     No show rates also down

                 ii.     Staff also working from home but doing over the phone consults

                 iii.     Still providing food/formula resources which is true statewide

            h.     VNA:

                  i.     Using secure app for HIPPA compliant telehealth

                  ii.     No home visits for prenatal education but doctor order home visits after baby is born are still occurring with referral to IBCLC as needed

             i.       Kearney WIC

                   i.     Phone appointments as well

                   ii.     Curbside pick-up for breastpumps

                   iii.     More phone calls are being answered and have caught up on some follow ups

              j.       Children’s:

                    i.     Art of breastfeeding (formerly known as Journal Club) is still being planned for Aug 8th.  Save the date.

                    ii.     Children’s clinics has had established telehealth capabilities and are seeing both Children’s patients as well as other families

                             1.     402-955-MILK (6455)

                    iii.     Children’s Health Research Institute may have research dollars available for projects/research

                    iv.     Go Napsacc with Nebraska Extension has online breastfeeding modules for childcare providers

                    v.     Sad news:  Maternal Child Needs assessment group (meets every 5 years) has determined the top 10 priority areas for the state and Title V funding.  Unfortunately, breastfeeding did not make the list…. Coalition leadership team will discuss sending a letter to the state to ask for reconsideration as breastfeeding outcomes correlate with many of the priorities.

               k.      Kailey- waiting on IRB approval for study of moms in Nebraska regarding COVID-19

               l.       Kathy Leeper- posted telehealth resources and study from Melissa Bartik, MD regarding COVID-19


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