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Quarterly Meeting Minutes

May 2016 Meeting Minutes

Quarterly Coalition Meeting
Southeast District Health Department

  1. Member Introductions: Kelly O’Flaherty, Corrine Jarecke, Amy Potratz, Sara Rue, Brooke Chaney, Peggy Brown, Sara Furr, Stacey Roach, Brooke Runyan, Sandy Davis, Kay Anderson, Carlie Lesley, Christian Minter, Dawn Ballosingh, Ashley Miller, Emily Tvrdy, Jackie Moline, Katie Graves, Leah James, Lesley Hammerschmidt, Michelle Leahy, Nancy Esch, Sara Brown, Stacie Vance, Arli Boustead, Brandi Stein, Dionna Schmidt, Christina Murphy, Lora Marshbanks, Tami Frank, Tina Goodwin, Sarah Schram, Rachel Sazama, Holly Dingman
  2. Leadership Team Update
    1. Financial – Stacey Roach
      1. Through the end of June to wrap up our CDC grant. We have $30,000 to get spent.

      2. Holly Dingman wrote the grant, but has left DHHS. We’re working with her temporary replacement.

      3. We still have about $10,000 to spend.

    2. Project and Communication Updates – Kelli Hansen

  • By now many of you have probably heard that Cortney MacTaggart left the Coalition to move to Germany for her husband’s job at the end of March. Based on discussion from the Strategic Planning session in early March, which we’ll discuss in detail later, it was clear that the members wanted one paid position to encompass all aspects of Coalition work with the hopes of obtaining more funding and expanding the role.

  • The leadership team took both job descriptions and created a new Coalition Administrator Position and I’m very happy to announce that as of this week I’ve taken the role! I’ll be serving the coalition 15 hours per week (primarily T/Ths, but will respond to emails throughout the week).  I was “interviewed” by the leadership team in early April, just finished my two weeks with my previous employer, and am very grateful for this opportunity!

    • A bit about the new role: The Coalition Administrator will engage the Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition members, along with other breastfeeding stakeholders in the state, to execute the goals and objectives in alignment with the Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition strategic plan and other funding requirements. Projects will include, but are not limited to, the Community Breastfeeding Initiative and the State Health Improvement Plan. The Coalition Administrator will work closely with the Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition Leadership Team.  The Coalition Administrator will also provide communication support to the Coalition. Duties include recordkeeping, updating website and social media, coordinating quarterly meetings, and connecting breastfeeding coalition members with resources and education.

  • Communication efforts:

    • Stats:

      • Website visits are up almost 9% from Jan-Apr of this year compared to last year at that time.

      • 1,856 “Likes” on Facebook, up 322 since last May, a 20% increase from last year. Over 50% of those have come since January too!

      • 295 Twitter followers on 5/2/16, a 30% increase from last year.

    • Membership – 154 Members, up 40 since our last meeting.

    • New Members since our last meeting:

      • Kay Anderson

      • Erica Arter

      • Jane Bitney

      • Jennifer Britson

      • Angie Cantrell

      • Diane Clifton

      • Jessica Close

      • Megan Davison

      • Nicole Duhan

      • Nancy Ann Esch

      • Tami Frank

      • Megan Graves

      • Janae Gubbels

      • Lisa Hajda

      • Abi Henke

      • Angee Hock

      • Linda Hoven, MSN, RN, LCCE, CLC

      • Andrea Hubka

      • Elizabeth Johnson

      • Tiffany Keller

      • Vanessa Kelmis

      • Tami Kershner

      • Jamie Klinginsmith

      • Sandra Kruse-Anderson

      • Carlie Lesley

      • Denice Louder

      • Rachel McGill

      • Kaiya Mears

      • Melanie Melashenko

      • Brandi Morrow

      • Janelle Murphy

      • Susan Olmer

      • Sydney Olson

      • Angela Pearson

      • Lea Pounds

      • Molly Rempe

      • Emily Ripp

      • Brooke Runyan

      • Shannon Sands

      • Jeri Thurber

      • Erin Valasek

      • Tina Vettel

      • Brandy Wedekind

      • Theresa Wiiest

    • Organizational Partners since our last meeting:

      • Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership

      • Nebraska WIC Association

      • La Leche League of Nebraska Area Team

    • BFF Awards since our last meeting:

      • Academic Advantage Child Development Center

      • Hastings WIC Clinic

      • Nominate a breastfeeding friendly employer here.

  • Projects:

    • CBI – Cortney completed the last CBI grant cycle before she left, but as we finalize our budget for the next fiscal year be on the lookout for a call for applications for the next round of funding!

    • SHIP – I’m working with Maya Chilese to get up to speed on all things SHIP and will give you an update as soon as I have one!



      • Corrine will share more in depth info about training, but we are currently surveying members about bringing Linda Smith to Nebraska to teach her IBCLC Prep Course on August 22-27th. We’ve had 23 people provide us great info so far.  If you have an interest in the course, or know someone else who might, PLEASE take it! Email me for a link if you don’t have the email.

      • We also had 11 participants on our IBCLC Exam Webinar with Linda Smith in March and 29 participants on the Common Breastfeeding Problems with Dr. Kay Anderson in April. Be sure to get registered for our May webinar on Common Breastfeeding Misconceptions here:

  • Strategic Plan Update

    • Review Strategic Plan and two year goals – Katie Brandert and Kelli Hansen

    • We had a series of interactive webinars on Thursday, May 12th for each goal:

      • Goal #1 – 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

      • Goal #2 – 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

      • Goal #3 – 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

  • Group and Community Updates

    • Training by Corrine Jarecke​​​​​​​

      • ​​​​​​​CHI will be having a CLC Course, October 2nd – 7th in York, NE.

      • GOLD Lactation – we have 10 participants

      • IBCLC Lactation Management Exam Prep Course –

      • NE BFC Webinar Series – next webinar is May 27th on Common Breastfeeding Misconceptions. Register here:

    • Hospital/Maternity Care/NPQIC by Peggy Brown

      • ​​​​​​​NPQIC had all birthing hospitals complete the CDC survey to put in our database and have results right away.

      • They’ve run into a glitch with the software – they can’t see the data since the update.

      • Targeting for a web conference in June to present the data and talk about research and best practices.  Begin work on the improvement process and implement interventions.

      • In 6 months they’ll recollect the MPINC data and see that improvements are being made.

    • Diversity Inclusion by Tina Goodwin

      • ​​​​​​​Sara Brown – working with North Omaha Community Advisory Board.  They’ve had two meetings so far.  Bringing in Sherri Payne on June 2nd.  Trying to find a location and food for that.  She will come twice to help start the campaign to increase breastfeeding initiation and come back at the end of the grant cycle.  Want to do 2 things:

        1. Start campaign in North Omaha

        2. Identify 6-8 women, identified as African Americans and in the North Omaha community to get trained as Community Breastfeeding Educators.

      • May 18th CBE in Lincoln. A full range of women interested. She needs to find funding for the 8 women. Got one woman from Bogota, Columbia into the CLC training and she did pass.

      • Chandra with office of health disparities and equity presents information to the tribe. She asked Tina and Jackie to develop breastfeeding information with diabetes to present it. She’ll present this on May 17th. She’s hoping to find more funding for her position as well.

      • Dorthea Klute, APRN, CLC – opportunity for her to speak on health issues in breastfeeding. Trying to get her name out. She’s an African American young lady who would be happy to provide rates and lists of speaking topics.

    • Kearney Update from Leah James

      • ​​​​​​​Working on outreach and education to daycare providers.

      • Educational packets have been delivered to all daycare centers.  They have participated in numerous community events, article in Kearney hub on the initiative and will have a breastfeeding mothers lounge at the Buffalo County Fair.

    • Southeast Community Health Department Update from Brooke Chaney

      • ​​​​​​​Southeast District Health department received a CBI grant.  They formed the Southeast Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition a year ago.

      • They have several CLCs in the area, Community Breastfeeding groups in the area as well.

      • Two CLCs at the health department as well.

      • Created community resource directory and a Facebook page for the group.

      • Getting going and group meets every other month at the health department.

    • LLL Update from Brooke Runyan

      • ​​​​​​​La Leche Loco run is coming up this summer. There’s a race in Licnoln and Papillion. Looking for sponsors!  If you know of anyone go to :​​​​​​​

      • August 6 – Mahoney Park in Lincoln and August 27th at Walnut Creek Rec area in Papillion.

      • 15 people in a group the coordinator of that gets registration fee waved. Group of 25 or more gets their own t-shirt.

      • North Omaha group is starting – the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 10am-12pm at the Florence branch library. Very excited to have this new group there!

      • Sara Furr’s group in Lincoln is doing a lunch hour meeting for working moms.

      • More at website!

    • PICH Update from Tami Frank

      • ​​​​​​​Second half of year two for PICH grant – funded through CDC. Got reduced funding for third year.

      • So many partners at the table, so many updates have been given, but some other updates are the CBE project in Lincoln, new training in May and June as Tina mentioned, Omaha project with Sara Brown is part of funding through DHHS. The advisory group is coming up with great ideas on how to engage women and families in North Omaha.

      • Lincoln CBI is going back to physician requests – no prenatal formula samples, offering the prescription for breastfeeding and local resources to all moms, and encouraging skin to skin. Dr. Anderson talked to Bryan LGH, and St. E’s about barriers to skin to skin and working on getting more skin to skin in the OR.

    • Really? Really. and CHI Update from Arli Boustead

      • ​​​​​​​Really? Really!

        • We are doing a round of printing.  If you’d like for me to order some materials for you (and can likely have them shipped directly to you)

        • I need to know the items & quantities you want, as well as a mailing location

        • Think about your whole year of activities: Events you’d like to use them at, clinic exam rooms, hospital waiting rooms, new parent information, PRENATAL???  Community health centers?? 

        • You can also print them for yourself – and go to resources and scroll to the bottom there’s a form, click on baby in left corner of the form and you can download the items. 

        • Skin to Skin, Benefits of Breastfeeding and Sacred Hour.  Can get those in a poster, rack card, and tri fold brochure (Sacred Hour), and prescription pads.

      • CHI Health Update

        • CLC Training – October 3rd through the 7th. The application will be coming soon and due July 1st. York, NE.  Possible to providing stipends as well.

        • 75 full scholarships available.

      • Conference update

        • Objective: Enhance maternal and child health care policies and practices by educating professionals on evidence-based practices that improve breastfeeding initiation, exclusivity and duration.

        • Desired Speakers/Topics

        • Confirmed Speakers – Brenda Bandy (Business Case & other topics)

      • Previous BEST Grant Work

        • Journal Club is on May 10th with Carla Christensen. In August will be Lindsey Abbott and Dr. Laura Wilwerding.

        • Overall Work 

        • Community Health Needs Assessments are in the works – identifying top needs throughout our communities (hospitals) and we’ll be doing implementation strategy planning with each hospital as well. 

        • We are always working hard to crosswalk the needs with the existing work to find out where there are gaps.

        • Population health is a big focus in the ever-changing healthcare world.

        • Breastfeeding has always been a major initiative because of the wide-reaching benefits it provides to the overall health of our population and don’t anticipate that work going away.

  • Member Sharing

    • ​​​​​​​Holly Dingman, in a new role with Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. Doing a lot of thinking, learning and listening setting up the new center for the child in her new role.

    • Tina Goodwin – Breastfeeding did come up as a new subject matter but it hasn’t been specified what that looks like. People will have to vote. Breastfeeding is an option out of 17.

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