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Quarterly Meeting Minutes

May 2015 Meeting Minutes

Quarterly Coalition Meeting
The Midtown Health Center
May 5, 2015

  1. Member Introductions: Michelle Leahy, Sarpy Cass County HD; Katie Graves, Sarpy Cass County HD; Leah James, CHI St. Elizabeth; Tami Frank, Partnership for Healthy Lincoln;  Jackie Moline, NE DHHS; Melissa Propp; Kelli Hansen, NE BFC; Cortney MacTaggart, NE BFC; Meredith Willits, MilkWorks; Stacey Roach, MilkWorks; Rachel Sazama, CDHD; Nikki Mullanix, ELVPHD; Jo Mosner; Karen Pearson, NENCAP; Peggy Brown, Nebraska Medicine; Diane Roberts, CHI LWOK; Corrine Jarecke; Deanna Stoffel; Brooke Chaney, Growing Great Kids; Tina Goodwin, NE DHHS; Chandra Walker, NE DHHS, Amanda Jones; Vanessa Wielenga, Family Service WIC; Sara Reigle, ELVPHD; Kim Yunker, Ponca Tribe of NE; Danica Schaap, Aetna; Holly Dingman, NE DHHS; Kelly O’Flaherty, Mom-eez BF Support; Sara Erlenbush, Memorial Community Hospital; Sara Brown (30)
  2. Leadership Team Update
    1. Project Update – Cortney MacTaggart
      1. State Health Improvement Plan – There is a matrix of objectives we need to reach. Last year we had 4.0 IBCLCs / 1000 live births, and now it’s up to 4.13. There were 104 IBCLCs last year and it’s up to 115 this year. Moving in the right direction!

      2. Working on a 3 part webinar on IBCLCs – what they are, why they’re important, how to become one.


      Financial Update – Stacey Roach

      1. There are 7 weeks left of our current grant cycle. We have a substantial balance, but we have a great plan to get that money spent, with the upcoming webinars and trainings.

      2. Account balance is roughly $4,000 as of the end of March.

  3. Task Force Update

    1. Community Breastfeeding Initiative – Cortney MacTaggart

      1. Done a lot of work, awarded $2,900 to 4 communities: Aurora, Columbus, Ekhorn Logan Valley, and Kearney

      2. Working on a needs assessment now with each group.

      3. We are offering funding to these communities to become organizational partners with the NE BFC, as a way to spend the grant funds and get their people engaged with the organization.

      4. Fremont is going to reapply in September.

    2. Training Task Force – C0rrine Jarecke

      1. IBCLC Webinar Series

        • May 26th 12pm-1pm Overview of IBCLCs

        • June 9th 12pm-1pm – Nurses and Doctors to become IBCLC

        • June 22nd 12pm-1pm- Community people, public health interested in becoming an IBCLC

      2. August 24th & 25th – Training in Lincoln that will provide CEUs and CERPs on breastfeeding. This is not a basic training, a little more involved.  A more basic IBCLC prep course. More to come!

    3. Hospital/Maternity Care – Peggy Brown

      1. They did an assessment and found we’ve made great progress since the mPINC

      2. See the attached document Peggy shared at the meeting.

    4. Diversity Inclusion – Tina Goodwin

      1. Camie Goldhammer is coming to Nebraska! She is presenting Mitakuye Oyasin: Health and Healing through Motherhood as part of the Standing Bear Symposium on Friday May 15th from 10:15-11:45 am in Lincoln.

      2. She will also be speaking to our coalition – not as formal, more of a discussion. Thursday, May 14th, 9am-10:30am at Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department – for the coalition leadership team, members, get deeper around breastfeeding advocacy with the tribes.

      3. Thursday, May 14th, 2-3:30pm at Fred LeRoy Health & Wellness Center – for Omaha moms.

      4. Part of the group’s work is to increase the diversity. Chandra Walker works for DHHS, looking at the social aspect and how that impacts health. They reserved a table for 10 at the Symposium. Chandra worked to get members from all 4 tribes to sit at the table. The NE BFC was able to help fund some of the moms to get here. Omaha, Winnebago, Santi-Sioux Nation, and Ponca tribes will all be represented.

        1. DHHS will be in contact with the women a week after. They plan to see what they gathered from the conference and what they plan to do.

        2. All 4 tribes will be given funds to receive an Organizational Partnership to the NE BFC. This will help improve our diversity and increase the discussion around breastfeeding throughout the state.

      5. Tuesday, May 12th from 9am-10am will be their next meeting at the McAuley Center in Omaha.

  4. Moms are Talking – Kelli Hansen

    1. Working with MilkWorks and Family Service WIC to help promote and attend the Big Latch on July 31st.

    2. Going to work on getting membership info and resources out to moms groups throughout the state as well.

  5. Membership – Kelli Hansen

    1. We have created some great new promotion pieces around our membership drive.  It unofficially got started at the Nebraska Dietetic Association and will continue to spread the word through the official drive at the Olson Center Conference in August

    2. We encourage everyone to begin the renewal process at and the $25 fee is now annual. Payment now will be good through 8/2016.

    3. We are extending Organizational Partnerships to our Community Breastfeeding Initiative Communities and the four Native American tribes in Nebraska.

    4. If your organization is not yet a member, be sure to ask them to join as well! Their partnership  allows 5 employees to join the coalition.

  6. Membership Update

    1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome New Members
      • Amanda Jones
      • Sara Erlenbusch
      • Liza Arellano
    2. New Breastfeeding Friendly Award Nominees
      • Sidney Regional Medical Center

  7. Community Updates

    1. ​​​​​​​Elkhorn Logan Valley Update from Nikki Mullanix

      1. ​​​​​​​Received a CBI Mini Grant for $1,000

      2. They plan and host a training on worksite at SHRM

      3. June 8th from 5:30-6:30pm

    2. LLL Update from Brooke Runyan

      1. ​​​​​​​The Omaha groups helped organize the Miracle Milk Stroll this weekend —

      2. The Lincoln groups are preparing for the La Leche Loco Run on August 1st. Please contact Brooke ( if you know of anyone that would be interested in donating or putting together a team.  You can come and participate as an individual too, we’d love to see you there. —

        1. NE BFC will have a team, headed by Stacey Roach, if you’re interested in running.

    3. PICH Update from Tami Frank

      1. ​​​​​​​Lincoln Community Breastfeeding Initiative – focused on two grants.

        • PICH update – CDC and local funding

        • DHHS grant – expand on same initiatives as the PICH funds.

      2. Targeted intervention to improve BF in the WIC population. Working with Lincoln Lancaster and Family Service WIC. MilkWorks is providing the IBCLC training to low income moms. The hospital will work on a warm hand off to MilkWorks. As part of their WIC package, they get a coupon to see a mom at MilkWorks. They’re hoping to streamline the process after birth.

      3. BF Peer Educators – identified 7 women in the community that are low-income or speak a different language that are interested in receiving training to become weekly peer educators.

        • These ladies will be trained and host a “weigh and stay” moms group.

        • Hispanic, African American, Mandarin, Arabic, and Vietnamese moms are the ones piloting this process.

        • The training happens this month and “weigh and stays” will start in June.

        • The peer educators are getting paid and will be actual employees of MilkWorks and the Asian Center.

  8. Member Sharing

    1. ​​​​​​​Diane Roberts, LWOK – Journal Club is May 12th 6:30pm-8:30pm.  Held at the Sorrell Center on the UNMC Campus. This quarter’s topic is lip and tongue ties, presented by Dr. Laura Wilwerding, and has been approved for 2 CERPs. You can also access this via TeleHealth. Registration is $20 ($10/CERP)

    2. Holly Dingman, DHHS – More info on the IBCLC Webinar Series:

      • Danielle Herbert, USLCA (professional association for LC’s) is working with NE BFC on our training webinars.

      • Part of the discussion is that they don’t want a speaker fee and for us to use those funds to establish a Nebraska Chapter of the USLCA.  Benefits are getting access to their training materials, they can offer CERPs at $5/hour, and they’re connected to all the national speakers.

      • We also really want hospital and nursing staff to understand the discussion between IBCLCs and CLCs.  CLCs can be a great support and educators, but the IBCLC is a professional designation, reimbursable by insurance.

      • They’re hoping to get a speaker from the IBCLE as well.

      • Tomorrow, MCH Needs Assessment Meeting – Infant Health Work Group and Women’s Health Work Group have been represented by our members.  We’re hoping that breastfeeding makes it in the top 10!  22 indicators are going to be voted into a top 10, so send your positive thoughts!

        1. Needs assessment: 26,000 babies are born in Nebraska every year and only 20% are meeting AAP Recommendations of exclusive breastfeeding at 6 months. That’s 40,000 moms and babies at risk of a myriad of diseases. They’re also touching on the brain development side of breastfeeding as well.

      • LB 627 was signed into law in April. Adam Prochaska’s law firm wrote a brief about the law and compliments the FLSA Act. The new bill covers all employees, not just wage employees. It covers pregnancy and breastfeeding/return to work.

    3. Vanessa Wielenga – Family Service WIC is hosting Big Latch on Friday, July 31st at WIC.  We will put them in touch with Meredith at MilkWorks O, Baby Junk, Omaha Area Natural Parents.

    4. Jackie Moline – The next CLC training will be August 17-21st at the Regional West Medical Center in Scottsbluff for nurses in rural areas.

    5. Stacey Roach, MilkWorks – has brought a Provider Update about services offered in Omaha and Lincoln. This is sent to Pediatric and OB offices. Milk Matters is done twice a year, intended for moms. The brochures have been updated as well to include MilkWorks O and new lactation consultants. Contact MilkWorks if you’d like a copy of these items, or go to

    6. Meredith Willits, MilkWorks O – Omaha location opened mid March. They have a free weigh station. They don’t have classes or groups yet. Breast pump update:

      1. All NE Medicaid covers breastpumps and you can get a Medela Pump N Style Advanced.

      2. A Tri Care mom (or others whose insurance doesn’t cover it) can work with MilkWorks to get the Medela for them at a reduced cost.

      3. MilkWorks can even mail the pumps out with the proper paperwork, to outer state areas.

      4. If you have specific DME questions, contact

    7. Amanda Jones, the Omaha Community Coalition is meeting on May 15th at 6:30 PM at ELITE Lactation Consultants.


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