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Quarterly Meeting Minutes

February 2020

Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition Quarterly Meeting February 4th, 2020 

General Updates 

  • Coordinator Position information was shared with the group. The position is posted on Indeed. 
  • Leadership Team Updates: Amy Potratz is a new Chair; Tiffany Keller is a new Co-chair.
  • Financial update: discussed 2017, 2018, and 2019 budget; we are “budget neutral” at this time.
  • Breastfeeding Friendly Business Award: discussed revamping award to include breastfeeding-friendly childcare. 
  • Discussed the information from the USBC call including: CDC Empower program (see more at, AAP focus on physician engagement and training, and infant and toddler feeding to include breastfeeding, mPINC survey to include 2018 survey, and the 2019 survey should be out this spring. 2020 breastfeeding report card should be out in August 2020. 

CBI minigrants Update 

  • The Sarpy Cass breastfeeding library needs to be promoted to be utilized more.  They have an upcoming training, and they are planning to promote the library during their training.  WIC utilizes their space a few days a week, so this is also an opportunity for the promotion of utilizing materials. 
  • Jodi Henry discussed Santee Sioux prenatal care program that will be starting shortly.  This will include breastfeeding education. 
  • York CBI group was not represented today. 

CBI Updates 

  • REACH grant is working with NAPSAC coordinator to promote the Nebraska Extension program that will be out in spring of 2020.  Dr Leeper is currently preparing a provider training.  There will be imaging of breastfeeding on Lincoln Star Tran buses coming soon.  Images will be accompanied with two different messages: one of support and one of know your rights.   
  • Malone Center Representatives discussed Black History Month. 

Upcoming Events 

  • USLCA Regional Workshop is coming to Omaha on September 8th, 2020.  Training will be at Lakeside Hospital.  Registration for the workshop will open in mid-February.  The group was encouraged to consider a local speaker, and submit requests if there are any. 
  • NPQIC Annual Summit is on April 1st, 2020 at Holthus Convention Center. Breastfeeding panel will focus on the team effort of breastfeeding. 
  • CLC training in Kearney is on April 20th-24th. 75 participants have been chosen.  Funding was provided through title V.  They received 120 applications, so they will not be accepting any more applications. 

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