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Breastfeeding Friendly Designation


Breastfeeding Friendly Business Designation Application

Recognize your business as one of Nebraska’s Breastfeeding-Friendly (BFF) Businesses. Supporting breastfeeding families in the work place is not only the law, but is one way for businesses to embrace wellness, impact health care costs, lower absenteeism and be seen as a family-friendly business for potential and current employees. Businesses of all sizes and types are encouraged to apply to share creative solutions to support breastfeeding families and employees.

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year and will be recognized quarterly (February, May, August, November). Annual awards will be presented each year during the quarter you were recognized in after recertification. Recertification is required every year. 


After filling out the Google Form at the button above, to complete your Breastfeeding Friendly Business application, please pay below the fee of $10. We are grateful for your support if you choose to donate more.

If you'd like to waive the application fee by becoming a member or a sponsor, please visit this link to become a member.

Your business' support creates a healthier community by allowing us provide resources to those who work to help families feed human milk to their babies. Donations and grants are vital for us to continue to achieve our mission of making breastfeeding the norm through education, advocacy and collaboration.

Breastfeeding Friendly Business Application Fee
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