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Lactation Provider Map

For Lactation Support Providers

Add yourself to our Lactation Provider Map!

How to add a point to the map:

  1. Click "Add Point"
  2. Choose a category. 

    Choose "Lactation Support Providers" for an individual person. We encourage each individual lactation provider to have a point. This is for the purpose that if you leave your current job or have more things to add about yourself (special skills, work at multiple places) that you can edit your point at anytime.

    Choose "Organization" if your organization offers lactation services. Only choose an organizational point if you are authorized to create one for your entire organization (hospital, WIC, clinic, etc). 
  3. Where are you based? 

    This is where your pin will drop. If you have an office you work at you can add that address in there, if you do not have an office or work at multiple places you can just add a zip code for your pin to drop at. 
  4. Add your name or organization name.

    If you are adding yourself as an individual Lactation Support Provider please only put your first and last name. 

    If you are adding yourself as an Organization please put the name of the organization.
  5. Type a sentence or paragraph about yourself. 

    This is what people will see when they look at your point. Please write in a readable format and add all information you'd like the public to know about you. Good information to add is your workplace, your phone number to contact you for appointments, and any other information about you that you'd like the public to know.

    Any information you put here will be seen by everyone on the map. Do not put personal home addresses, personal phone numbers (unless you want it shared), or anything you don't want the general public knowing about you.

    If you don't want the public to know anything about you, you can leave this blank or just put information about the organization you work for. 
  6. Add Tags.

    Make sure you choose all of your tags you want your point to have. This is how we know what services you offer, and how families can find providers that look like them, speak their language, or understand their culture.

    When picking counties served, please only pick those that you are able to serve in person. There is an option for "Serving all counties via Telehealth".

    Each tag color represents a different searchable feature.
    Dark Teal Blue = Lactation Credential
    Light blue = Fees/Cost. If you have some free services click the free icon, if they have to qualify such as through WIC please click must qualify. If you take private insurance, or offer self pay or sliding scales please click all tags applicable
    Orange = BIPOC provider - please select how you identify. If your ethnicity isn't on here please email us and we will add it.
    Yellow = Service Area that you serve in person (By county) If you serve them all by telehealth, please select that option instead of selecting every county.
    Purple = Other Credentials such as MD, NP, doula, OBGYN, etc
    Light teal blue = Types/locations of Appointments
    Pink = Other services such as breast pumps through insurance, support groups, and classes, etc.
    Green = Languages spoken. If your language isn't listed please contact us and we will add it!
    Dark Purple = LGBTQ+ provider means you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, LGBTQ+ Educated means you've taken extra education in helping LGBTQ+ families, and LGBTQ+ friendly/ally means that you haven't necessarily taken extra education, but you would still be able to help or share other resources for those families. 
  7. Add a website.

    Where can people go to look at your services? Can they book an appointment at this website? If you do not have one, leave that blank.
  8. Click Save Point.

    If you need to change any information on your point or need to add more information please email or 
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