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Strategic Plan

Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition Strategic Plan 2019-2021

The Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition underwent the Strategic Planning Process with members and the Leadership Team. From a series of discussions and meetings, we have identified the goals to focus on for 2019-2021.

Strategic Outcome 1: Advocate more intentionally to normalize breastfeeding

Leadership:  Nicole Osborn, Rachel Sazsma
Strategic Measurement: # of FB likes, FB post activity (shares/views), newsletter/website views

Strategic Activity: Increase social media presence by 25%
1. Streamline internal process for managing social media content
2. Increase social media presence with more frequent relevant content
3. Enhance relationships with community stakeholders by sharing content and resources
4. Post content specific to workplace laws, policies and planning more return-to-work

Strategic Activity: Develop and disseminate communication tools for members/moms to use
1. Develop 1-pager on return-to-work for community partners and moms identifying resources available
2. Collaborate with Go NAP SACC team to update the breastfeeding milk storage guidelines and handouts for moms
3. Update the website with up-to-date resources for moms on the following topics: 1) workplace; 2) childcare 

Strategic Outcome 2: Increase support for the current breastfeeding workforce, including lactation consultants (IBCLC), certified lactation consultants (CLC), community breastfeeding educators (CBE), physicians, nurses, WIC staff, dietitians, and others

Leadership:  Tiffany Keller, Kailey Snyder, Jackie Moline
Strategic Measurement: # of IBCLCs and CLCs in NE, # of educational opportunities

Strategic Activity: Assess & summarize current workforce climate and educational needs.
1. Update the membership application to better capture workforce/educational needs, and pertinent community information
2. Establish annual report on # IBCLCs and CLCs in Nebraska, membership workforce demographics, trainings, and other professional development opportunities (reference 2013 GSCN Survey). Create and disseminate an environmental scan for the breastfeeding workforce
3. Offer 2 continuing education opportunities state-wide

Strategic Outcome 3: Enhance statewide engagement and support of the Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition

Leadership: Arli Boustead, Amy Potratz, Holly Dingman
Strategic Measurement: # of NE BFC members, # of NE BFC Organizational Sponsors, # of proposals submitted, # of funds received

Strategic Activity: Membership Engagement/Drive
1. Assess and summarize current membership, including demographics and equity
2. Conduct membership drive in August 2019
3. Develop innovative strategy to engage workplace partnerships

Strategic Activity: Submit proposals for grants and sponsorships to support the NE BFC strategic plan
1. Submit 2 grants by the end of 2019 and 2 grants by the end of 2020
2. Develop an excel sheet with current and future grant opportunities
3. Identify back-up funding strategies in the event of grant rejections

Strategic Outcome 4: Increase support, training and educational opportunities for CBI communities and stakeholders

Leadership: Tracy Moore, Tami Frank, Tiffany Keller
Strategic Measurement: # of CBI affiliates established, # of CBI participation in meetings and education opportunities, estimated # of moms/babies reached in each CBI with current activities, annual satisfaction survey of CBI r/t networking/TA support

Strategic Activity: Explore provider training
1. Contact iAble to discuss training/partnership
2. Discuss opportunities with CBI communities
3. Schedule training
4. Host Training

Strategic Activity: Complete CBI survey/interview needs assessment
1. Review previous CBI survey results
2. Develop survey/interview questions
3. Determine outreach strategy to CBIs
4. Compile needs assessment results

Strategic Activity: Explore breastfeeding training for childcare providers
1. Utilize existing partnerships for work being done to explore options for readily accessible breastfeeding support training
2. Promote existing trainings

Strategic Activity: Provide networking and technical support for CBI communities
1. Host event after Olson Center Conference
2. Provide mini-grants to CBI communities

Strategic Activity: Explore affiliation charters between NE BFC and local CBI teams
1. Gather and incorporate CBI input to develop the affiliation charter
2. Develop strategy for quarterly or annual report of CBI activities

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