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Strategic Plan

Goal 2

Goal 2 Task Force: Promote Education and Evidence-Based Practices

Leadership: Arli Boustead
Members: Corrine Jarecke, Tina Goodwin, Peggy Brown, Christian Minter, Diane Erdmann, Kay Anderson, Tiffany Keller, Ashlee Miller

Strategy Name Notes Victory
Building and Supporting the Lactation Workforce -$660 for the exam, $850 for Linda's class, member discount of $650. -Priority given to CBE's and minorities. -Other tasks TBD. -Increase number of CLCs in NE by 75 participants. -Support 25 individuals to advnace lactation knowledge, resulting in 10 new IBCLCs. -Engagement plan for follow up.
Primary Care Professional Education -CBEs taking into CBI. -Other tasks TBD. =Complete Really? Really. Toolkit. -Develop dissemination model with key partners and measures. -Pilot this in a minimum of 2 clinics.


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