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Breastfeeding Friendly Designation


Recognize your business as one of Nebraska’s Breastfeeding-Friendly (BFF) Businesses. Supporting breastfeeding mothers in the work place is not only the law but is one way for businesses to embrace wellness, impact health care costs, lower absenteeism, and be seen as a family-friendly business for potential and current employees. Businesses of all sizes and types are encouraged to apply to share creative solutions to support breastfeeding mothers and employees. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

Required Criteria

  • Breastfeeding and milk expression support applies to all individuals including but not limited to: employees, contractors, vendors, guests, and patrons. 
  • Provides breastfeeding mothers access to a private and secure room with a lock, other than a bathroom, for expressing milk or nursing.
  • Offers a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that allows breastfeeding mothers to nurse or express milk including amenities but not limited to, comfortable chair, a lock on the door, a small table, and an electrical outlet.
  • Provides all breastfeeding employees flexible breaks to express milk or nurse. 
  • Has a formal breastfeeding support policy, guideline, or procedure supporting breastfeeding employees and patrons. 
  • Communicate with staff and new hires on the breastfeeding support policy, guideline, or procedure. 
  • Coordinates with all expectant mothers and supervisors prior to maternity leave on their return to work plan. 

Recommended Criteria

  • Business has a flexible return to work policy (part-time, job sharing, telecommuting, flex time, etc.)
  • Multiple locations that are or can be designated as a lactation room.
  • Lactation room with additional amenities (check those that apply below):
    • Sink (in the room or nearby)
    • Electric pump
    • Signs/poster
    • Wall clock
    • Educational materials
    • Refrigerator
  • Business utilizes an “expectant mother” form where HR, the expectant mother, and her supervisor plan together and sign before the mother goes on maternity leave. Includes showing and designating the lactation room, communication of the policy, and supervisor approving and supporting the plan.
  • Worksite education opportunities (onsite prenatal classes or breastfeeding support) are offered onsite.
  • On-site childcare is available at the business.

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